Thursday, 3 May 2012

Stay, Eat, Drink, Berlin

Tv Tower

Rhubarb pie with rhubarb ice cream 

Boy George DJing at the Felix Club in Berlin 26.03.11 
Kater Holzig - one of my favourite clubs in  Berlin

So what can I tell you about Berlin?  Well three days isn't long enough to see the city.  This was my second trip and I feel there's still so much to see, but here's a head start.  

STAYSoho House Berlin.

Situated in the Mitte district and a five minute walk from Alexander Plats station, Soho House is set over eight floors in a beautifully restored Bauhaus building.
If its good enough for Madonna and Olivia Palermo, then its good enough for me! Prices are reasonable, service is excellent and the staff are friendly and very welcoming.

EAT - Soho House Berlin

Menu to cater for all tastes and can be found on their website.  We sampled almost everything and were not disappointed once.  Highly recommend the fresh strawberry and mint smoothies if you need a 'pick me up' after a late night.

DRINK - Soho House Berlin

You may have noticed a pattern emerging.  Yes. I admit it, i'm biased.  But where else can you drink cocktails made with homemade syrups.  Its alchemy at its best.  We enjoyed cocktails made with lavendar and honey suckle syrups as well as a delightful new cocktail made with rhubarb liqueur, vodka and god knows what else.  It tasted like angels descending from heaven and dancing on your tongue.  Well, thats how I remember it, after drinking six glasses of prosecco.  


Kater Holzig
On our first night in the Soho House bar we met Germanys answer to Justin Bieber, a very charmingly inebriated male TV presenter, and a well known chef.  It was a surreal and hilarious experience, watching Kate have 'Happy Birthday' sung to her ten times by Bieber and friends.  After consuming most of the cocktails on the list, we all squeezed into a taxi and headed to Kater Holzig.  If you spend one night in Berlin, go here! It looks like a giant playground, and to some extent it is a giant adults playground set alongside the river.  Rules and health & safety go out the window, all in the name of fun.  Don't make the mistake I made and turn up in heels, a leather skirt, white blazer and a Mulberry clutch.  You'll look like an idiot.  Infact that applies to everywhere in Berlin, noone dresses up.  

The Berghain
A former power station, now converted into an amazing venue.  Unfortunately we visited on Monday night for a private gig so certain areas were shut off, but the club has great reviews and is packed on the weekends, playing electro music that Berlin is renowned for.

The Felix Club
Worth a mention if you don't do 'dressing down'.  We visited 'Felix Club' last year and saw Boy George perform a really good set.  Bit more expensive than the others and with an older crowd.

RECOVER - The Cowshed Spa, Soho House Berlin

Cowshed Spa Review -
Treatments - 
60 Minute Full Body Massage
30 Minute Speedy Manicure
75 Minute Deep Cleansing Facial

Possibly the best relaxing full body massage I've ever had.  So relaxing infact, I fell asleep.  Using the very appropriately named 'Lazy Cow' Massage Oil, Anya worked into any areas of tension she found, predominantly in my back and shoulders and any stresses or worries were soon forgotten.

Next up was the speedy manicure.  The only treatment in which I managed to keep my eyes open for.  Loved the Essie nail polish selection and opted for a metallic ink blue shade which stayed chip free for a whole week!

Ah the deep cleansing facial, I admit I was apprehensive about this one.  As it was my first facial, and began with the beautician reassuringly telling me to let her know if I could feel a 'burning' sensation, as she was about to, "use some strong chemicals" on my face.   I think the German to English translation may need to be revised.  The first 20 minutes felt like I was in an Al Quaeda torture chamber, a jet of steam dispersed over my face, followed by hot flannels and 'extractions' and then......... the most divine massage.  It felt so good, I fell asleep (again) and 'snored' apparently, much to my immense embarrassment.  The results were wonderful.  My skin is prone to breakouts, and afterwards it felt so smooth and clear, one week on and not a single spot in sight! 

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  1. Berlin looks amazing!!! Would love to visit myself :)