Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Willy Moon Live At The Berghain

Despite only spending two nights in Berlin and those being a Sunday & a Monday we still managed to cram plenty in.  Monday night was a somewhat less debauched affair than Sunday, we were probably still recovering from the previous nights antics.  With an invitation to a private 'Willy Moon' gig at the Berghain club, we were blown away by his performance and the venue.  The Berghain club is a former power station and a really unique venue, well worth a visit, although worth mentioning its not usually open on a Monday, and the weekends are usually devoted to 'Electro' which Berlin is renowned for.  Favourite song of the evening was 'Yeah Yeah' which is the next song to be released on the 6th May - think jazz, rock 'n' roll influences but a very contemporary sound. 

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